Beginning his career as a network cameraman, Lionel Coleman’s work expanded beyond traditional news stories and quickly reached to the art and depth of stories told well. This early work allowed Lionel to cut-his-teeth in refining his ability to shoot, edit, and tell a story through his innate abilities and by leveraging natural light, clever composition and distinctive sound to mold the perspective and craft his stories. Knowing there was one chance to capture a moment created a pressure filled, adrenaline rush like no other. Whether it was speeding through cities in a presidential motorcade, filming from an open helicopter moments after a major earthquake, or capturing US Marines restoring order in a third world country, these moments developed his skills as a filmmaker.

Lionel first gained advertising recognition during his tenure as an in-house director at Nike working on various campaigns with athletes like Michael Jordan, Ken Griffey Jr., Carl Lewis, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and Lisa Leslie. His commercial work includes campaigns for GMC, Secret, HBO, Adidas, Huggies, Ford, Red Cross, Power Bar, Kia, Gatorade, Proactiv, and Walmart. His documentary projects include Castaways, a series chronicling the successful rehabilitation program of inmates training unwanted dogs for re-introduction or adoption, and various branded content films for Gatorade, OHSU, Huggies, and Wilson Tennis.

Lionel is a DGA director and filmmaker who is fortunate enough to work across a wide variety of genres enabling him to continue to craft and hone his skill-set. Every project is considered a new opportunity to explore something unique and different and step out a little further on the ledge. Lionel is working to capture the ineffable. Through performance, through unexpected composition, and always with a sense for bringing to life the moments that makes us human.

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